Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tacoma City Marathon

The Tacoma City Marathon is a wonderful family event with something for every runner. If you are looking for a good local run in the Tacoma/Seattle/Olympia area, TCM might be just the right run for you. The full, and half marathon courses are always challenging, and every course is well staffed with plenty of water, energy drinks, and running gels. They probably have the best bathroom break options of any of the runs we've run. They generate a lot of energy before the race with music, vendor booths, pre-run snacks, and post run festivities. This event is also very popular with a few running clubs in the area such as the Marathon Maniacs and Fleet Feet.

2011 - We had just started running, so we decided to start slowly and cautiously, opting to run the half-marathon. Adam (18 at the time) ran the full marathon, Taylor (16) ran the half-marathon with us, and Danielle (16) ran the 5k. A good friend of ours, Kyle Larson, joined us in running the half-marathon. All-in-all it was a good day, we all finished our runs, we spent just as much time socializing as we did running, and we all learned a great deal about long distance running that day.

2012 - We all loved this local run so much, we all returned to the TCM. Adam wasn't able to train for the marathon, so he joined Steve, Taylor, and I on the half-marathon, and Danielle returned to run the 5K.  Steve and I had already run a couple of marathons in 2011, but our 2011 TCM medal was only half of a medal, so we had to run the half in 2012 to get the second half of the medal.  Once again, we all loved the run.  Steve and Taylor ran together, keeping a pretty good pace, and finished together.  Adam and I ran together, keeping a pace I could enjoy, and finished together.  Danielle finished the 5k and then grabbed the camera to get some photos of the rest of us as we crossed the finish line.  Once again, this run did not disappoint  and we all had a great time.
2013 - This year's run is scheduled for Sunday, May 5th.  The full marathon course is new, starting on the Gig Harbor side of the Narrows Bridge, looping through Point Defiance, and finishing in downtown Tacoma in front of the Tacoma Art Museum.  2013 Race Map. Last year, we went a little crazy on the running, and actually managed to qualify for the Marathon Maniac (MM) running club.  This year we will be running the full TCM marathon with our MM friends.  Steve's going to try to help me set a personal record on this run.  I'm more of a jogger than a runner, but with his motivation and patience, I hope to run more than jog this year.

I'll post an update and photo's once we've finished the 2013 run.  Scratch that, too tired and too sore to take photo's.  There were a lot of different finishers medal, but this is the beauty Steve and I received.
2913 Tacoma City Marathon - Marathon Maniac's Finishers Medal
2013 Tacoma City Marathon - Marathon Maniac's Finishers Medal
Finished the Tacoma City Marathon with a lot of help from my husband, Steve Brown. The route was really nice, the weather was also nice, and all of the supporters were great. Special thanks to all of the men and women in uniform that spent their day off protecting all of the participants, supporters, and their families and friends.